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2019 Jeep Cherokee

36/12k lease

$280 + tax

Only $999 due at signing

2019 Honda Civic Hatchback EX

36/12k lease

$255 + tax

Only $999 due at signing

What is an Auto Broker?

First, allow me to explain there are many different types of Auto Brokers out there that specialize in different areas within the auto business. We however, are specializing in Sales and Leasing of new cars and some pre-owned vehicles as well. We assist car shopper’s purchase or lease any make or model with dealerships in our customer’s area. There are times that we may secure a vehicle out of their area and have it delivered for several reasons to accommodate our customer whether it be due to price or availability.

What does the customer working with one of our Brokers need to do when working with us?

The broker would advise the customer appropriately based on what they are looking to accomplish. However, the customer would need to know or narrow their selection of vehicles, options and colors they are interested in and provide the broker. Providing options to the broker helps he or she find you your best overall deal. The broker would handle the transaction from beginning to end with the dealership(s) so our customer wouldn’t need to speak to or negotiate with the dealer.


How can leasing saving me money instead of buying a car?​

You only pay tax on the monthly leasing amount, not the total value of the car.  You pay tax on the total value of the car when you buy it, but with leasing you don’t. Saving you thousands of dollars.

So let’s look at it this way, if your overall goal is to “Save” as you mentioned, we have to consider what your cost of ownership is over duration of time. Let’s look at it over a 3 and 6 year time frame. Let’s also pick a car for a scenario. How about a $50,000 BMW for simplicity and we will treat each one as a $0 down transaction. There are lots of variables when it comes to leases but simplicity this will have to do. Below are options to finance or lease this BMW. Take notice of the cost of ownership, taxes paid and total interest paid.

Lease or Finance Years of Ownership Payments Monthly payments w/tax Details Total payments including tax Cost of ownership per year Total Tax paid Total Interest paid
Lease 3 36 $625 $625 x 36 mo $22,500 $7,500 $2,520 Incl.
Lease (2x) 3yr leases 72 $625 $625 x 36 mo $45,000 $7,500 $5,040 Incl.
Finance 3 36 $1,624 $50,000x10% tax+4% interest $58,457 $19,486 $5,000 $3,678
Finance 6 72 $867 $50,000x10% tax +4.25% interest $62,407 $10,401 $5,000 $7,407
Finance 8 72 $867 $50,000x10% tax +4.25% interest $62,407 $7,801 $5,000 $7,407
Finance *9 72 $867 $50,000x10% tax +4.25% interest $62,407 $6,934 $5,000 $7,407
*Results may vary but many other examples are very similar.

Here are the things you should take notice:

  • Cost of ownership is cheaper for leasing up to 8 years
  • Total taxes paid is less for leasing in general
  • Total taxes paid is less for purchase if you plan to own it longer than 72 months
  • If you sell or trade your purchased vehicle in for another car in say 5 years, then you subject yourself to paying 10% tax on the new vehicle purchase price all over again. So if you purchased another $50,000 vehicle, that means you spent another $5,000 in taxed on top of the $5,000 on the previous car. That’s $10,000 in taxes in 5 years time! (Assuming you have tax laws like California)​
  • There are other states that you do get what’s called “Tax Credit” by trading in your vehicle or showing proof that you sold your other vehicle. If so, you pay the difference in value. As an example, Your $50,000 vehicle you purchased 5 years ago is now worth $15,000 and you traded it or sold it and then you purchased a new vehicle shortly after for another $50,000 vehicle, you would only be liable for your taxes on the $35,000 difference as oppose to the full $50,000 like California tax laws.

Can I choose the car that I want?

Yes – we have access to cars all over the state, so just because you can’t get the car you really want from your local dealer doesn’t mean we can’t get you what you want. We have access to thousands of dealers across the state and region. If the vehicle is out there already built from the factory and stocked at a dealership, I’m sure we can accommodate.

Can you still get me a car with a C credit rating?

Yes – even with a C credit rating, we can still get you a cheap lease deal and get your approved. We have access to a range of lease providers, so we’ll always get you the best deal. If your credit falls below that, leasing may not be the ideal method. However, I have methods to get you approved on purchasing instead on either new or used vehicles. 

You Guarantee the Best Price and Lowest Payments, how does this work?

We are so sure of our prices and ability to negotiate, we guarantee you won’t get a better offer or lower monthly payments for the same car in the same week as we will.

How do I know if I’ve got a good ‘deal’?

The key to working out any deal and whether it’s good or not, is the monthly payments. Sometimes what can look like a better deal because the monthly payments are cheap is because you have to pay a higher interest rate over a longer period. We always get you the best rate and the best monthly payments.

But since a “good deal” will always be subjective to the individual buying or leasing the vehicle. After all you research, if you feel fits your budget and the value of the vehicle screams at you, the chances are very high that you answered your own question.