Frequently Asked Questions

Questions we get from people that has never used our services before.

Let’s face it, cars nowadays are getting much more expensive every year. Not many buyers are fortunate enough to buy it in Cash but instead elect to finance it over a 48-72 month term and in many cases with little to no money, which drives payments sky high. To keep payments in a comfortable amount for most, you would need to put down 30-40% down or find a Bank that can give you a 10 years car loan. I’ll save you the research, there are none that offer a 10+ year car loan. 

I hate to break it to you, 76% of purchased owners trade in their vehicle long before that and get a rude awakening that they owe more than the car is worth, much like the Mobile phone industry.

Here is another tip. You only pay tax on the monthly leasing amount, not the total value of the car. You pay tax on the total value of the car when you buy it, but with leasing you don’t saving you thousands of dollars.

For Example:

  • At a 9.5% tax rate and purchase price of $50,000 = $4,250 tax up front at delivery
    • And when you trade in that car for another, there’s no refund and no credit so you would have to pay another $4,250 of taxes on another $50,000. *So ask yourself how many cars did or will buy in the next 10 years?
  • Now, At a 9.5% tax rate and a base lease payment of $350 = $33.25 tax per month
    • So you would’ve paid $33.25 per month on taxes you leased for that car. When your lease is over you stop paying taxes on that car and only on the new one you about to upgrade to. $33.25 x 36 month lease = $1,197 over those 3 years. Much better than $4,250 wouldn’t you say?
    • Lets not rub it in that you’ll never have to worry about running out of Warranty. Every lease comes with Warranty and in most cases for the entire term.  

Yes – we have access to cars all over the state, so just because you can’t get the car you really want from your local dealer doesn’t mean we can’t get you what you want. We have access to 1,000’s of cars across the state and at the Port as they arrive and can get you the car you want, at the price you want, very quickly.

Yes – even with a C credit rating, we can still get you a cheap lease deal and get your approved. We have access to a range of lease providers, so we’ll always get you the best deal.

We are pretty good at what we do and we deliver results. We don’t waste our time so delivering great pricing is a must o we face spinning our wheels. But keep in mind that it’s our service that makes headlines and this is on any car manufacturer out there. Your not getting that from any dealership or website that sells your information to everyone. What I can say is, you won’t get a better offer or lower monthly payments for the same car in the same week as we will. Trust our process.

Usually, payments are taken out directly from your checking account, so you needn’t worry about missing a payment.

But first, you will get your first months bill statement within 20 days after the contract signing date. Once you get your first statement, on the top of that statement will be a assigned account number where you can go to the lenders website listed on the bill statement and set up a online profile. From there you can set up “Automatic Payment” with your banks checking account. Set it and forget it is how we look at it. 

Almost all Lenders will not accept credit card payments. You can always check with the Lender by calling the toll-free number on thier website.

Search for any National Ad for that same car on the “Manufactures” website. Read everything, Fine print and all! Then call us and be shocked to find out what we can do!

The key to working out any deal and whether it’s good or not, is not just the monthly payments but the is total due, including the down payment and drive off fees combined on a lease. Always read the Fine Print. 90% never do. 

Sometimes what can look like a better deal because the monthly payments are super low is because you have to pay a higher down payment and/or drive off fees over a longer period. We always get you the most aggressive rate and monthly payments.

In 97% of the cases it will cost you $0! Every buyer or lessee transaction is slightly different, so each case can vary. So you must be wondering how are we compensated, right? Well, much like a Real Estate Agent they get compensated from the seller. In this case, the seller is one of many dealerships we broker with much like a wholesale dealer.

Awesome question! I can go into a deep dive into this question but I’d rather give you a simpler answer versus providing a whole class on the topic. Dealers like many other fortune 5000 companies do rely on their own Sales team to generate sales for profit. However, sometimes those numbers need a serious boost so they welcome outsourcing, business they would not have ever had but now do due to outsourced sales divisions. If you ask any CEO of any company…How much is enough business? Well, you’ll hear many different answers but you’ll never hear a Executive say I have too much business to handle and we need to slow down.
You see, most dealerships need 2 things to survive and grow. Profit and Volume! They create profit from Walk-In customers while providing you the experience as a “Emotional Buying” transaction. They do very well on this because that is how dealerships pay their bills and feed their families and nothing wrong with that. But they also need Volume to please the Manufacturer. Manufactures don’t share into the dealerships profits so their first priorities are to be concerned how much the dealer is profiting. Manufactures need only one thing from dealerships and that is to “Push Metal”! The more they sell, the more manufactures profit and when they do they may reward certain dealers in $ for their achievements and get special brownie points when that dealer needs more cars than other underperforming dealers. And this is why dealerships work with us to help with their Volume objectives. Outsourcing Sales teams than can generate deals that they would have never had in the first place.

Yes, we are regulated by the California Department of Motor Vehicles Dealer Services division just like any other New or Used Car dealership, licensed and bonded.